As Concur changes take effect, Travel Services improves support model for campus

As part of the Concur Refresh project, Travel Services is excited to offer a variety of improved support options for travelers and travel arrangers across campus.

In order to reduce the stress on the traveler or travel arranger while they are using the Concur system, Travel Services has come up with creative solutions to quickly connect with a member of their team.

“We really wanted to eliminate a lot of the back-and-forth communication when someone has a question regarding Concur,” said Manager of Accounting and Finance for Travel Services Melaney Mckellar. “Our new ‘Contact Us’ service is a ticketing system that will route an individual’s question directly to the subject matter expert.”

Campus community members using Concur to book their travel will also be able to connect with the Travel Services team via Microsoft Teams.

“If someone reaches out through Teams with a question during regular business hours, they’ll have the opportunity to chat with and share their screen with someone in Travel Services in real time. We hope that will eliminate some of the frustration travelers feel while using Concur. We want Concur users to feel supported,” said Mckellar.

Another way travelers will feel the added support will be through the updated trainings provided by Financial Services. These will cover how to navigate Concur, as well as travel policy and procedure. They will also explain the overall process of traveling on behalf of the U. These role-based, online courses are currently in development and are expected to be available by the start of the 2024 – 2025 academic year.

To help travel arrangers navigate these updates, Travel Services is excited to host the Travel Arrangers Symposium on Tuesday, May 28 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Rice-Eccles Stadium. Attendees will have the chance to interact with vendors from local businesses, hear from a panel who took part in the pilot program and experience a hands-on Concur training.

This free, in-person event is an opportunity to connect with arrangers from across campus and learn more about navigating Concur. Interested in joining? Sign up today!


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