Travel Arrangers Symposium Held to Share Enhancements to the Concur System with Campus

Travel Services hosted the Travel Arrangers Symposium on May 28 at the S.J. Quinney College of Law to share information about the updates coming to Concur Travel, effective June 3.

“The hope in having this event is to help members of campus get enthusiastic about using Concur in light of these changes,” Associate Vice President Theresa Ashman told the crowd.

The 400 registered attendees had the opportunity to meet with vendors from several local businesses before hearing from representatives from Concur and employees from several different Financial Services departments.

Desmond Vest from Communications, Training and Outreach (CTO) walked the crowd through a group training of the new site, while Seth Schellenberg from the Travel team explained the updated booking features.

A major component of this project involves an improved support model for users operating in Concur.

“There are now two primary ways for travelers on campus to get ahold of our group,” said Manager of Accounting and Finance for Travel Services Melaney Mckellar. “You will either be able to contact us on Teams or you can submit a ticket for service. Both of these options are intended to help reduce response times when you have questions.”

The new support model launched on April 1, 2024 and since then, the average response time to travel questions has been about 30 minutes. At the time of the event, 787 Teams questions or ticket requests had been fulfilled.

As the changes take effect, Mckellar understands that there will continue to be questions from individuals on campus. Her group will hold weekly office hours beginning on Thursday, June 6. This will be an opportunity for campus community members to speak with members of the Travel department in real time.

“When Concur took off, we hit some rough air,” said Mckellar. “There are going to be bumps along the route, but I know that we are going to get there.”

Feedback through this process is encouraged and can be directed to Melaney Mckellar at


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